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The DIGIgraphics Fantasy Football League

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The Draft:

You will make a total of 14 selections. The order of the draft is determined by a random draw. Teams will select in inverse order after each round i.e. the team that has the first choice in round 1 will have the final selection in round 2, then choose first again in round 3, ect. You have 2:00 minutes to make your selection. 

Team Names:

On draft day you will be asked to provide a team name for your entry. Entry names shall be no more than 20 characters in length. The Commissioner reserves the right to refuse the use of any name that could be considered profane or in poor taste.


You will be asked to pay $75.00 on draft day. The franchise fee is $60.00. An additional $15.00 is requested to cover transactions made during the season. Any unused transaction moneys will be returned at season's end. The playoff payout is based on percentages of the total amount collected, through franchise fees and the total number of transcations. The commissioner does not pay a franchise fee, but does pay for transactions.

Starting Line-ups:

Your team will have 14 available roster positions, 8 of which will be active each week. They must consist of the following:    

1  Quarterback
2  Running Backs
1  Tight End

2  Additional Receivers
1  Kicker
1  Team Defense/Special Teams                                                                                                   

Starting lineups can be submitted up to kickoff of the first game of the day. If no lineup is submitted, the previous week's roster will be used.  For Thursday or Saturday games, you need to declare your starters who are involved in that day's game prior to kickoff. Any game that is tied is decided by each teams highest scoring bench player. 

Trades and Transactions:

Trades: Trades can be made at anytime during the first 10 weeks of the DFFL season. The cost is $1.00 per team per trade. A maximum of 3 players per team can be involved in any transaction. No trades involving cash or for "future considerations" will be allowed. You are allowed only one trade with each league team during the season.

Roster Acquisitions: "Free Agents" can be acquired beginning on Thursdays each week during the season. Players are bid upon with a minimum bid of $1.00. Any owner interested in acquiring a player that is not currently on a DFFL team roster can submit one auction-style blind bid per player, with that player being awarded to the team that submits the highest bid, for the price quoted in their bid. In the event of identical high bids on a player, that player shall be awarded to the team ranked lower in the standings on the basis of: #1. Fewer wins,  #2. Fewer points scored - than any competing bidder.

All free-agent bids should be submitted using the My Fantasy League's "Add/Drop" feature which operates each week from approximately 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning until 3:00 p.m. Thursday Afternoon.  Results of the bidding will be made available Thursday on the web site.  Any remaining free-agents can be acquired until noon Sunday on a first come, first serve basis. You can carry a maximum of 14 players on your roster. 

The trading deadline will be at 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, on the Saturday following the 10th week of the DFFL regular season. Free agents can be acquired throughout the balance of the regular season and playoffs.

Playoff Format:   

The DFFL plays a weekly head-to-head format, and uses a 13 game regular season, with each team playing their divisional opponents twice, and having 7 games with teams outside of their division.

The 3 division winners, plus the 3 remaining teams with the best record will qualify for the Governor's Cup Championship, which is a single elimination playoff during weeks 14, 15 and 16 of the NFL regular season. The 6 remaining non-qualifing teams will also compete in a "consolation bracket" playoff during weeks 14, 15 and 16.

The 2 division winners with the best records will receive a bye during week 14, while the 3rd division winner will face the #6 seed in week #14.  The playoff pairings are determined by each team's regular season record, with the highest seeded team facing the remaining team with the fewest wins.

Tie Breakers:

In the event of a tie between two teams in the standings, the tie-breaking criteria to be used is as follows:

1.  Head-to-head record
2.  Total offensive points scored during the regular season
3.  Points scored in head-to-head games
4.  Won - Loss record against divisional opponents
5.  Coin flip

For ties between three or more teams:

1.  Total offensive points scored during the regular season
2.  Won-loss record versus common opponents

Prize Money:

Money will be awarded to the League Champion, Runner-up, and to the 3rd and 4th place finishers in the playoffs, as well as the winner of the "consolation bracket" and to the team which has the highest point total during the regular season.

49%  will be awarded to the League Champion
25%  to the runner-up
14%  to the 3rd place playoff finisher
8%    to the 4th place playoff finisher
4%    to the consolation bracket playoff winner

Results and Other Information:  

League information is available at:  Other league information will be sent via e-mail as needed. is the DFFL's official source for resolving any statistical discrepancies. Weekly results are considered final and official at 11:59 p.m. Central Time each Tuesday.


Any "owner" is prohibited from having or seeking dual ownership within the league, or having more than a single financial interest in any DFFL franchise. 


The DFFL's officers cannot be held responsible for missing or delayed e-mail transmissions, or for failure to execute verbal requests.


The DFFL uses a combination of the fantasy football basic and performance scoring methods.

For Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Receivers & Kickers:

3  points for each TD thrown
6  points for each TD by rush or reception
1  point for each 2 point conversion thrown
2  points for each 2 point conversion by rush or reception 
-1 point for each interception thrown
-1 point for each fumble lost

Bonus points for: Passing Yardage:

250-299 yards    3 points
300-349 yards    5 points
350-399 yards    6 points
400-449 yards    7 points
450-499 yards    8 points
500 and above  10 points and so on.......

Bonus Points for: Rushing or Receiving Yardage:

   80- 99 yards    1 point
100-124 yards    3 points
126-149 yards    4 points
150-174 yards    5 points
175-199 yards    6 points
200-224 yards    8 points
225-249 yards    9 points and so on........

Note: rushing and receiving yardage is not cumulative

**New** Bonus Points for: Running Back Receiving Yardage:

  0 -  49 yards  0 points
50 -  74 yards  1 point
75 -  99 yards  2 points

Bonus Points for: Kickers

1 point  for each field goal between 10-19 yards
2 points for each field goal between 20-29 yards
3 points for each field goal between 30-49 yards
4 points for each field goal between 50-59 yards
6 points for each field goal over 60 yards
1 point for each conversion

Bonus Points for: Team Defense/Special Teams

6 points for each fumble or interception return for touchdown
6 points for each kickoff or punt return for touchdown
6 points for each blocked punt or field goal return for touchdown
2 points for each safety
2 points for each failed conversion return.
1 point for each interception
1 point for each fumble recovery
6 points for a shutout

Note: For all punt and kickoff return touchdowns, those points are credited to the special teams, NOT the individual player.

Keeper Rules:
Who's eligible: 
Any player chosen in the League draft who was selected with pick #49 and above, as well as any free agents.
Any player on your roster prior to kickoff of Sunday regular season week #13.
Who's not eligible :
Any players selected with picks 1 through 48 - regardless of whether they were injured, released or traded during the year.
If you wish to retain a player from your roster who meets the "eligible" criteria listed above, you will surrender your 3rd round draft selection in exchange for keeping that player.  Because that player is considered a 3rd round draft choice, he cannot be carried over to the next year
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