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History of the League (1990-2018)

1990 The DIGIgraphics Fantasy Football League was created in the summer of 1990. Known initially as the Slide Services, Inc. Fantasy Football League the inaugural season began with 10 teams. Rich Nilles was the Commissioner and Rick Scheunemann was treasurer. Other owners were Mark Thorson, Dave Matchan, Rich Yungbauer, Pete Newberg, Mike Schweppe, Jerry Southwick, Mike Peterson and Eric Patnoe. Los Angeles Rams QB Jim Everette was the first player selected in the draft. Division winners that first year were the 8-5 Pete's Gorilla's (Pete Newberg) and the 9-4 Public Enemy (Rich Nilles). The yet unnamed championship trophy went to the 8-5 TAPS (Mark Thorson) who defeated Public Enemy 18-17 in the week 16 final. Pete's Gorilla's QB Warren Moon was the first SSIFFL league MVP.

1991 While the 1990 season was an experiment for everyone, the SSIFFL started to come into it's own this year. 13 teams were represented on draft day--owners were newcomers Dave Eck, Steve Ufkin, Shaun Fahey, Paul Dixon, Carl Sathrum, Jerry Rogers, John Williams, George Hargrove, and co-owners Mark van Duyn and Rick Howell. Mike Schweppe, Rick Scheunemann, Rich Nilles and Rich Yungbauer returned from the 1990 season. The championship game was moved to from the final week of the NFL regular season to the second-to-last week. The Elite Division title went to the 11-3 Kings of Chaos (Mike Schweppe) while the Premier Division crown belonged to the 9-5 Lunge Lizards (Jerry Rogers). In the 1991 newly named Governor's Cup final the Lunge Lizards cruised past the Kings of Chaos 55-10 to win the title in their only SSIFFL season. Warren Moon again was league MVP, splitting time between the Turbo Turf Trashers and the Lunge Lizards.

1992 Saw the league again return to 10 teams. Steve Ufkin, Mike Schweppe, Rich Nilles, Dave Eck, John Williams all returned. Mark van Duyn and Rick Howell split to each operate their own teams. Dave Matchan returned after a year's absence. Newcomers were Bill Hurley and Tim Kelly. RB Barry Sanders was selected #1 by the Timinators (Tim Kelly). The first 5 selections in the draft were Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Mark Rypien, Emmitt Smith and Warren Moon. The Serbian Division title went to the 10-3 Turf Punks (Rich Nilles), while the Croatian Division was won by the 8-5 Puppet Meat (Rick Howell). The Governor's Cup went to the Timinators over Puppet Meat. The 3rd place Vanier Cup game was introduced and was won by the Turf Punks over the Booya Tribe (Mike Schweppe). The lowlight had to be the Booya Tribe's 6-1 victory over the Turf Punks in week 4, the lowest scoring game in league history, as New England TE Marv Cook had the game's only score. Quarterbacks Steve Young of the Turf Punks and Dan Marino of the Screaming Iguana's were co-MVP's.

1993 Was by far the low point in league history. 14 teams began the season. Holdovers were Tim Kelly, Mark van Duyn, Mike Schweppe, John Williams, Bill Hurley, Dave Eck and Rich Nilles. Rick Schuenemann returned after 1 season hiatus. New to the league were John Halling, Jody Phillips, Mark Ulwelling, Jeff Brennan, Bill Nelson, and Ron Lovoll. The Timinators (Tim Kelly) again selected RB Barry Sanders with the first choice, as the top 5 picks were all Running Backs-Thurman Thomas, Emmitt Smith, Ricky Watters and Barry Foster followed the Sanders selection. The 1993 season had already appeared to be doomed since Commissioner Nilles had decided to step down during the summer, and Dave Eck reluctantly agreed to take over. Three weeks into the season Eck resigned, unable to handle the responsibilities, and Rich was forced into the role once again. By then the problems had already begun. An early season trade between the Screaming Weasels (Bill Hurley) and the Booya Tribe (Mike Schweppe) involving QB Jim Everette, and RB Ronnie Harmon in exchange for (at the time) holdout RB Emmitt Smith created a fury throughout the league (several owners were no longer working at Slide Services, and assumed the trade was fixed). What followed in the coming weeks was just short of total anarchy. Because the league had so few rules involving trades, the commissioner was virtually powerless as several teams got together and stacked themselves through a series of one sided deals.. When it was over the John Gotti Division was won by the 9-5 Halling's Heroes (John Halling), the Pablo Escobar Division was won by the 11-3 Slug Asylum (Rich Nilles). The Championship was "won" by the Turbo Turf Trashers (Dave Eck) thanks in part to lop-sided mid-season trade with Bill Nelson involving WR Jerry Rice, as they defeated Halling's Heroes for the Governor's Cup. 3rd place went to Booya Tribe over Slug Asylum. Commissioner Nilles resigned immediately following the conclusion of the season. No awards were given.

1994 & 1995 These two years are known as the "dark ages" of the newly renamed DIGIgraphics Fantasy Football League. Operated by Mike Schweppe and Ted Kritzler, virtually no information or records were kept, or remain from those years. The Timinators (Tim Kelly) won both championships, defeating the Roncos (Ron Lovoll) in 1994, and winning over Booya Tribe (Mike Schweppe) in 1995.

1996 Rich Nilles returned to again oversee the league. Other members of the 8 team league included John Williams who was named the assistant commissioner, Ron Lovoll, Bill Hurley, Shannon Kelly, Tim Pieper, Ted Kritzler, and Randy Kabbenhoff. RB Emmitt Smith was selected first overall by the Lounge Lizards (Rich Nilles) followed by Brett Favre, Steve Young, Curtis Martin and Chris Warren. Bonus point scoring was adjusted to roughly the levels that are in use today. The Sinn Fein Division was won by the 10-4 Rabid Grasshoppers (Shannon Kelly), and the Zapatista Division was taken by the 10-4 Free Range Gerbils (John Williams). The Governor's Cup was won by the Rabid Grasshoppers over the Hammerheads (Ted Kritzler) in the first title game to be decided by a tie-breaker 28-27. The Free Range Gerbils won the 3rd place game over the Lounge Lizards, while the Roncos (Ron Lovoll) won the newly created consolation bracket playoff. Phat Boyz RB Terry Allen was the 1996 DFFL MVP.

1997 The league was finally gaining some much needed stability as 6 of the 8 teams returned from the previous season. Tim Kelly replaced Bill Hurley in the league, and newcomer Tony Huth took Randy Kabbenhoff's spot. The first selection on draft day was QB Brett Favre by the Phat Boyz (Tim Pieper), Emmitt Smith, Curtis Martin, Terrell Davis and Barry Sanders rounded out the top five picks. The format changed this season to a single division setup with the 9-5 Tired Gerbils (John Williams) finishing first overall. The Timinators (Tim Kelly) won their 4th Governor's Cup by defeating the Tired Gerbils 35-32. The Phat Boyz won 3rd place, defeating the Grid Iron Gangsta's (Tony Huth) and the Rabid Grasshoppers (Shannon Kelly) won the consolation bracket. RB Terrell Davis of the Timinators was league MVP.

1998 Saw the return of the league to 10 teams, with 7 veterans and 3 first timers--Colleen von Rueden, plus the duo of Stacy Genosky and Doug Notermann, and the team of Tony Huth and Karna Snapko, who joined up as the league's 10th team just prior to the start of the season due to a no-show on draft day. Shannon Kelly replaced John Williams as Vice President of league operations. RB Terrell Davis as the first selection by the Gerbils (John Williams), top 5 picks were Davis, Brett Favre, Barry Sanders, Kordell Stewart and Ricky Watters. Team defense was introduced as a scoring option, and the Tight End position was no longer mandatory. Winning the Osama bin Laden Division were the rookie PFKATPTBNL-Go Vikes! (Stacy & Doug) with a 9-4 record, while the Abu Nidal Division was steamrolled through by the 12-1 Roncos (Ron Lovoll) who set league standards for the best record, as well as for scoring, with 637 points. The Timinators (Tim Kelly) again prevailed in the Governor's Cup upsetting the heavily favored Roncos 55-51. The PFKATPTBNL-Go Vikes! won the Vanier Cup 3rd place game over America's Weasels (Bill Hurley). Phat Boyz (Tim Pieper) won the consolation bracket. Steve Young of Kismet was the MVP of the league with a then league record 182 regular season fantasy points.

1999 The 10 team league welcomed 2 newcomers--Dave Larson and the team of Ryan Richards and Nate Oscar. Stacy Genosky-Otto returned as a solo owner. The Roncos (Ron Lovoll) selected WR Randy Moss as the first draft choice, the next 4 selections were Terrell Davis, Fred Taylor, Brett Favre, and Randall Cunningham. Division honors went to the Nicolae Ceausescu winning 9-4 Timinators (Tim Kelly) and the Enver Hoxha champion 7-6 Squirrels on the Sauce (Stacy Genosky-Otto). The Championship game was a repeat on the 1997 Grand Final with the Timinators (Tim Kelly) walking over the Gerbils of Destiny (John Williams) 72-42 to win their 6th Governor's Cup. 3rd place was captured by the South Side Cartel (Dave Larson) over Squirrels on the Sauce. Pipe Dreamz (Tim Pieper) once again won the consolation bracket. Pipe Dreamz QB Kurt Warner--a free agent acquisition--was the league MVP.

2000 The league again had 10 teams, with 3 more first timers--Jim Egan, Steve Dosdall, and J.D. Lewis. Team defense scoring was altered to include points for sacks, fumble recoveries and interceptions, which produced substantially higher scores. The league also began phasing out the pencil and paper method of conducting business and started using a rudimentary web-based fantasy management program.  Kurt Warner was the first player chosen, by the expansion Fighting Amish (Jim Egan) next came Edgerrin James, Marshall Faulk, Terrell Davis, then Fred Taylor. The Karla Faye Tucker Division was won by the Phat Bastards (Stacy Otto & Melissa Genosky) with an 11-2 mark, while the Mumia Abu-Jamal Division was captured by the 9-4 Timinators (Tim Kelly). The Grand Final was won by Fish Hook (J.D. Lewis) who upset the Timinators 35-33. Third Place was won by Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) who bested the Phat Bastards. While Under Siege (Rich Nilles) won the consolation bracket. QB Duante Culpepper of the Wichita Linemen was the league MVP.

2001 The league expanded to 12 teams, the highest number of participants since 1993. Melissa Genosky returned as a solo owner, Jim Gaffney and Jim Strempke joined the league. The league made some minor adjustments to the defensive scoring stats, and all transactions were made via e-mail for the first time. The first draft selection was Daunte Culpepper by the Hidden Squirrels (Stacy Otto) followed in order by Edgerrin James, Marshall Faulk, Randy Moss, and Fred Taylor. The expansion meant there were 3 divisions this season. Winning the Credonia Mwerinde Division were the Pawns of Satan (Rich Nilles) with a 10-3 mark, The Shoko Asahara Division went to the 9-4 Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly), While the Fighting Amish (Jim Egan) captured the Marshall Applewhite Division crown with a 7-6 record. The Mean Machines won their second league title, knocking off defending champions Fish Hook (J.D. Lewis) 46-45. Third Place was won by the Hidden Squirrels beating the Pawns of Satan, while the consolation crown went to the Timinators (Tim Kelly). Fighting Amish QB Jeff Garcia won the MVP award.

2002 12 teams were once again represented on draft day. Newcomers included Tom Nilles, Jeff LaVallie and Mike LaVallie. The #1 selection was RB Marshall Faulk by the expansion Lambeau's Leap (Tom Nilles), The league's first 5 selections were Faulk, Randy Moss, Duante Culpepper, Kurt Warner and Payton Manning. Division titles went to Lambeau's Leap winning the Bob Packwood Division with an 8-5 record, Rocky Road (Jim Strempke) winning the James Traficant Division at 8-5, and the Squirrels on Crack (Stacy Otto) capturing the Dan Rostenkowski Division with a 9-4 mark. Alien Nation (Rich Nilles) won the Governor's Cup for by besting the Squirrels on Crack 38-15 for the crown. Major Pain (Mike LaVallie) finished in 3rd place, Beating Rocky Road. The Killer Gerbils (John Williams) took the consolation bracket. Rocky Road running back Priest Holmes won the MVP award.

2003 Witnessed a major shakeup in who participated. 10 teams were represented at the draft. Stacy Otto, Melissa Genosky, Steve Dosdall, Jeff LaVallie, Tim Kelly and Mike LaVallie all dropped out, William Rzeszutek, Mark Palmer and Paul Bibby joined, and Bill Hurley returned after one year away. The league introduced "negative point" scoring for interceptions thrown and fumbles lost for the first time. The Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) selected #1 overall. The first 5 picks were LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Williams, Priest Holmes, Clinton Portis and Deuce McAllister, as the top seven choices and 8 of the first 9 picks were running backs. The league returned to a two division setup this season - The Manuel Noriega Division went to Mountain Magic (Jim Strempke) at 11-2, while the Hallie Salessie Division was won by Alien Nation (Rich Nilles) with a 9-4 mark. The Governor's Cup was won by Mountain Magic who prevailed over Alien Nation in a 77-60 shootout. Third Place was won by the Gamblers beating Axis of Weasel (Bill Hurley), and the Embedded Gerbils (John Williams) once again captured the consolation bracket. Priest Holmes (Lambeau's Leap-Alien Nation) repeated as the MVP.

2004 After much pre-draft scrambling, 10 teams were represented. William Rzeszutek, Jim Gaffney, Paul Bibby and Mark Palmer all dropped out, and were replaced by Troy Erhman, Jeff Campbell, Brian Strempke and 1992 league alumn Rick Howell. The first selection in the draft was RB Priest Holmes by the Tree Hugging Gerbils (John Williams). The selections that followed were Ahman Green, LaDainian Tomlinson, Deuce McAllister and Randy Moss. The Mohmad Suharto Division was won by Mountain Magic (Jim Strempke) with an 8-5 record, while the Sani Abacha Division went to Lambeau’s Leap (Tom Nilles) at 10-3. The Governor’s Cup was won by Orange Mac (Troy Erhman) over Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) 39-33. Third Place went to Lambeau’s Leap over Mountain Magic, while Flaming Liberals (Brian Strempke) won the Consolation bracket. Off the Hook (Jeff Campbell) set a new league record for points scored in a season, while Orange Mac set another record by scoring 128 points in their week #15 playoff game against Lambeau's Leap, shattering the previous high point game by 42 points. The MVP award went to Payton Manning (Mountain Magic) who set a new individual record with 210 fantasy points during the regular season..

2005 For the first time all owners returned from the previous season. Jim Gaffney returned after 1 year away, and Jeff Gervis the only newcomer to what was now a 12 team league. LaDainian Tomlinson was the #1 choice by the Flaming Liberals (Brian Strempke) while Payton Manning, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes and Edgerrin James rounded out the top 5. The division winners were the Xtreme Gerbils (John Williams) winning the Abu Saayaf Division with a 10-3 record, Lambeau’s Leap (Tom Nilles) winning the Kahane Chai Division at 11-2, and Orange Mac (Troy Erhman) taking the Saheed Khalsa Division with a 7-6 mark. Lambeau’s Leap won their first Governor’s Cup, defeating 1-800-Pik-last (Jeff Campbell*) 41-39. Third place was won by the Xtreme Gerbils over Fatal Mutation (Rick Howell), while HefeWeasels (Bill Hurley) took the Consolation Bracket. The first recorded incident of a player quitting and dropping out of the league occurred after week 11, as 1-800-Pik-last owner Jeff Campbell, for reasons unclear to anyone but himself, dropped all 14 of his players from his roster the morning of November 22nd. To maintain competitive integrity the Commissioner returned all the released players back to their roster, and operated the team as if nothing had happened, maintaining the same roster and starting lineup throughout the balance of the season. Ironically, the team proceeded to win 4 straight games and qualified for the championship game. Shaun Alexander (Lambeau's Leap) became the first player in DFFL history to win the MVP award for both the regular season and playoffs.

2006 Once again there was a 12 team league, as nearly everyone returned from the previous year. Chance Gaffney was the lone newcomer, replacing Jeff Campbell. The top pick of the draft was Shaun Alexander by Lambeau’s Leap (Tom Nilles) followed by LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, Peyton Manning and Tiki Barber. Division winners were Undead Peace Activists (Rick Howell) who won a three way tie at 8-5 to take the Bill Richardson Division title, Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) won the Haley Barbour Division with a 6-7 mark, while the John Rowland Division went to the 10-3 Gamblers (Jim Gaffney). The Governor’s Cup went to Undead Peace Activists for the first time in their history, defeating West Coast Gerbils (John Williams) 39-38. Third place went to Mean Machines over the Gamblers, while SchadenfreudeWeasels (Bill Hurley) repeated as Consolation Bracket winner. LaDainian Tomlinson (Gamblers) was named the league MVP.,

2007 - . For the first time all of the 12 teams from the previous season returned. For the second straight year the #1 selection went to the defending champion, as Undead Peace Activists (Rick Howell) chose LaDainian Tomlinson, while Steven Jackson, Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander and Payton Manning rounded out the top 5 in what became a disastrous set of first round picks, as only 3 out of the top 12 selections stayed healthy. Division winners were the Undead Peace Activists winning the Mobutu Seko Division at 9-4, Orange Mac (Troy Erhman) taking the Pavlo Lazarenko Division with an 8-5 record, while the Flaming Liberals (Brian Strempke) dominated the Alberto Fujimouri Division with a 12-1 mark.  In the playoffs it was Lambeau’s Leap (Tom Nilles) who ran the table to win their second Governor’s Cup in 3 seasons defeating Undead Peace Activists 44-15. Third Place went to the Flaming Liberals, who bested the Gamblers, while Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) took the Consolation Bracket. Gamblers QB Tom Brady was named league MVP.

2008 -  Once again all 12 owners returned.  The #1 selection in the draft was LaDainian Tomlinson by the Flaming Liberals (Brian Strempke) followed in order by Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Steven Jackson and Joseph Addai. The  Division crowns went to Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) who won the Joaquin Guzman Division with a 10-3 record, the Klaas Bruinsma Division winning 10-3 Spunky Gerbils (John Williams), while the Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) prevailed in the Haji Bashar Division with a 7-6 mark. In the playoffs it was Threat Level Orange (Troy Erhman) winning the Cup for the second time in their history by defeating Spunky Gerbils 49-18, while Mean Machines won the 3rd place game over Cosa Nostra, the Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) were the best in the Consolation Bracket.  Drew Brees (Flaming Liberals) was league MVP.

2009Everyone returned for a 4th straight season.  An experimental form of a “keeper” rule was introduced. The #1 draft choice went to the defending champion Threat Level Orange (Troy Erhman) who selected Adrian Peterson, followed by Michael Turner, Maurice Jones-Drew, Larry Fitzgerald, and Chris Johnson.  Division winners were Advice Lords (Rick Howell) winning the Kwame Kilpatrick Division with a 10-3 record, Wall of Weasel (Bill Hurley) took the Duke Cunningham Division winning a 3-way tiebreaker at 7-6, while Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) won the Rod Blagojevich Division with a 7-6 mark.  The Playoffs went according to form as the top seeds all held serve, with the Advice Lords holding on to defeat Wall of Weasel 36-35 to win their second Cup in 4 years, with Cosa Nostra taking 3rd place over Threat Level Orange, while the Grizzled Gerbils ran the table to win the Consolation bracket.  Drew Brees (Advice Lords) repeated as league MVP.  



2010 –  Once again there were no changes in ownership.  The top selection in the draft was Chris Johnson by the South Beach Pimpin’ Weasels (Bill Hurley) followed by Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, Maurice Jones-Drew and Frank Gore.  The Division titles were won by Jerk Store (Tom Nilles) winning the  Mark Sanford Division with a 7-6 record, the Gary Condit Division was won by the 11-2 Cheeseheads from Hell (Chance Gaffney) while Threat Level Orange (Troy Erhman) was the best of the Eliot Spitzer Division at 8-5.  The Governor’s Cup went to Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) who win their 3rd title getting the better of the Cheeseheads from Hell 61-28.  Third place went to Threat Level Orange over Advice Lords (Rick Howell), while the South Beach Pimpin’ Weasels salvaged the consolation bracket crown.  Drew Brees (Advice Lords) became the first 3 time league MVP.



2011For the first time in 5 years there was some turnover, as both Jim Strempke and Brian Strempke decided to step away.  They were replaced by Jim Metzger and eventually by Jordan Pierce.  Pierce replaced Bob Chase, who originally was brought in only to draft for another owner, although that person eventually also dropped out.  The number one pick in the draft was  Adrian Peterson by the Early Onset Gerbils (John  Williams) rounding out the top five draft picks were Ray Rice, Jamal Charles, Chris Johnson and Andre Johnson. Division winners were New Orange Order (Troy Erhman) who won the Bashar al-Assad Division with an 11-2 record. The Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) won the Yahya Jammeh Division at 10-3, while the Cheeseheads from Hell (Chance Gaffney) took the Ilham Aliyev Division with a 9-4 record.  New Orange Order won their 3rd Governor’s Cup, by rallying to beat FTC (Jeff Gervais) 38-36 in the finals. Third place was won by the Teenage Grampas (Rick Howell) over the Gamblers.  Jerk Store (Tom Nilles) captured the consolation bracket.  Cheeseheads from Hell QB Aaron Rodgers was league MVP.



2012 Once again there was some last minute maneuvering following another defection, after Jordan Pierce decided not to return. His spot was eventually filled by Brett Wagner - who inherited a franchise that was assembled by a consensus of league members selecting players based on ADP rankings during the draft.  The #1 overall selection was Aaron Rodgers by Doomsday Profits (Rick Howell) followed by Calvin Johnson, Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice.  The draft was run entirely on-line for the first time. Division winners were Sloppy Second Kickers (Brett Wagner) who won the Hassanal Bolkiah Division despite a 6-7 record, Cold Filtered Weasels (Bill Hurley) won the Alexander Lukashenko Division at 11-2, while Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) steamrolled through the Blaise Compaoré Division, as well as the rest of the league with a 12-1 mark. The playoffs were a completely different story however as nearly all the top seeds fell quickly, leaving the #4 seeded Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) to win their first Governor’s Cup by defeating Doomsday Profits 69-45.  Third Place went to Mean Machines over the Cold Filtered Weasels while Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) won the Consolation Bracket.  Tom Brady (New Orange Order) and Drew Brees (Cosa Nostra) shared the regular season MVP award.



2013 - Saw all 12 owners return. The #1 overall pick was Adrian Peterson by FTC (Jeff Gervais) followed in order by Aaron Rodgers, Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch and Drew Brees. Division winners were Solvent Orange (Troy Erhman) winning the Art Schliester Divsion with a 9-4 mark, Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) taking the Daryl Henley Division with an 8-5 record, while Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) dominated the league for the second straight season after cruising to the Rae Carruth Division title with an 11-2 record.  Once again the playoffs were a coin flip as the top seeds dropped out early, opening the door for the 5th seeded Jerk Store (Tom Nilles) to win their third Governor's Cup Championship by defeating Cosa Nostra in a tie-breaker following a 35-35 tie.  Mean Machines once again settled for Third Place by defeating Solvent Orange, while the Gamblers took the Consolation  Bracket   Mean Machines quarterback Peyton Manning was the runaway league MVP setting a record with 218 fantasy points during the regular season.   .


2014 –There was one change in ownership as Andrew Lyons replaced Rick Howell. The #1 overall pick went to Mean Machines (Shannnn Kelly) who had the dubious distinction of selecting Adrian Peterson, who was followed by LeSean McCoy, Calvin Johnson, Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers. Division Titles were won by Mean Machines who won the Robert Rozier Divisons with a 9-4 record – their third consecutive division title. America’s Team (Andrew Lyons) took the Lawrence Phillips Division at 9-4, while Jerk Store (Tom Nilles) prevailed in the Keith Wright Division with a 7-6 mark. History repeated itself in the Grand Final, as Jerk Store became the first team to win back-to back Championships since 1999 after narrowly defeating the top seeded America’s Team once again via tie-breaker following a 20-20 stalemate. Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) took 3rd Place by defeating Mean Machines, while Inept Orange (Troy Erhman) was the best of the Consolation Bracket. Andrew Luck (America’s Team) was the league MVP.


2015Sees the most significant changes to the league’s scoring values in nearly 20 years as several changes designed to reduce scoring are agreed to and implemented. The main changes being the value of a touchdown pass was reduced, the point value for “chip shot” field goals was adjusted, and the Tight End position once again becomes mandatory. There is one change in participation as Greg Kaiser takes Jim Metzger’s spot.  The top pick in the lottery was awarded to Weasels (Bill Hurley) who selected Le’Veon Bell – followed by Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles, Eddie Lacy and  Rob Gronkowski. The Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) became the first team in league history to go through the regular season undefeated by going 13-0 to breeze to the Yahweh ben Yahweh Division title, Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) won the Sun Myung Moon Division title at 8-5 for their fourth consecutive division crown while ‘mercia’s Team (Andrew Lyons) took the David Koresh Division with a 7-6 record.  In the playoffs the Gamblers completed their perfect season by defeating Rowdy Roddy Orange (Troy Erhman) 38-34.  The Cheeseheads from Hell (Chance Gaffney) took home 3rd place honors defeating Mean Machines, while F T C (Jeff Gervais) captured the Consolation Bracket.  Tom Brady (Weasels) was named league MVP for the third time.

2016 There was one change in membership as James Sanders took the place of Brett Wagner. Todd Gurley was selected #1 overall by Jerk Store (Tom Nilles) followed by Antonio Brown, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr.  Division winners were Heinekins (Greg Kaiser) in the Les Steckel Division with a 9-4 record, Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) took the Rod Rust Division at 9-4 , while F T C (Jeff Gervais) won the Harland Svare Division with an 8-5 mark.  The Championship was won by the Heinekins – who captured their first Governor’s Cup by defeating the Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) 53-48.  The Cheeseheads from Hell (Chance Gaffney) repeated as 3rd Place winner with a vicotry over Cosa Nostra, while ‘merica’s Team (Andrew Lyons) won the Consolation Bracket.  Drew Brees (Cosa Nostra) became the league's first five-time MVP.


2017 The 2017 season started amid a cloud of uncertainty, as the Commissioner was non-committal on the status of the league throughout the summer.  The draft itself was also a challenge after three owners were unavailable to attend – causing the other owners to have to select 52 players on their behalf.  The top pick in the draft went to the Mean Machines (Shannon Kelly) who selected David Johnson, followed by Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Ezekiel Elliott.  There was one change in participation as Mike McGovern replaced Bill Hurley, who stepped away after 21 seasons.  Division Titles were won by the Spartans (James Sanders) who capture the Dimitrius Underwood Division with a 9-4 record, with the Gamblers (Jim Gaffney) winning the Troy Williamson Division at 11-2, while the Heinekins (Greg Kaiser) took the Christian Ponder Division with a 7-6 mark.  The Playoffs went pretty much to form, as the #1 seeded Gamblers won their third Championship in the past 6 years over the #2 seeded Spartans 50-38. Orange Lives Matter (Troy Erhman) took 3rd place over ‘merica’s Team (Andrew Lyons) while Jerk Store (Tom Nilles) was the Consolation Bracket winner. Tom Brady (Heinekins) took home MVP honors  

2018 – Another year, another search for players as Mike McGovern opted not to return, while the Commissioner chose to revoke the charter of the Distracted Gerbils franchise – ending John Williams 27 years in the league. They were replaced by Alex Thompson and Katie Lyons. The #1 overall selection went to ‘merica’s Team (Andrew Lyons) who selected Todd Gurley, followed by Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley – the first time a rookie had been selected in the top 5. The only tweak to the rules was that the reserve tie-breaker was eliminated for the regular season on a trial basis. Division winners were the Heinekins (Greg Kaiser) winning the Rolf Benirschke Division with a 9-4 record, ‘merica’s Team (Andrew Lyons) taking the Bob Avellini at 9-4, as Cosa Nostra (Rich Nilles) took home the Horace Ivory Division with a 7-6 record. The Governor’s Cup was awarded to the top seeded ‘merica’s Team over F T C (Jeff Gervais) 45-32. Third Place was once again won by Deficient Orange (Troy Erhman) over the Heinekins, while the Cheeseheads from Hell (Chance Gaffney) won the Consolation Bracket crown. Pat Mahones (Cosa Nostra) was named League MVP

Updated 12/24/2018