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The 2006 DFFL Awards
Here are the results of the 2006 DFFL News award-winning award winners.
Most Valuable Player - LaDanian Tomlinson (Gamblers) The #2 choice in this year's draft literally ran away with the award........12 starts, 1324 yards rushing,  470 yards receiving, 26 total touchdowns and 2 passing TD's - good for  a total of 199 fantasy points, or 33% of the Gamblers total offense.  Tomlinson scored at least 9 points in 10 games, and 19 or more points 7 times, plus, LT had a 6 week stretch of scoring 26, 24, 27, 27, 19 & 20 points.  His 199 points is the second highest individual total in league history.  Finishing a distant second was RB Larry Johnson (Orange Mac) 1312 rush yards, 15 TD's = 130 points for the #3 choice in the draft.  2004 DFFL MVP Payton Manning (West Coast Gerbils) finished 3rd.  
Least Valuable Player(s)Ashlie Lelie (F T C) & Troy Williamson (West Coast Gerbils) Lelie becomes the first two-time winner of the Troy Drayton Award (see bulletin below).  The 11th round selection of F T C started 7 games and produced zero fantasy points, and has yet to register a single point this year.   Williamson, the Gerbils 8th round selection produced numbers nearly as impressive - 9 fantasy starts - 0 touchdowns = 3 Fantasy Points. 
Breaking News; Because this is the 3rd time Lelie has been a finalist for this award (also in 2003 & 2005), and since no one has ever come close to making less of an impact on their team for such an extended period of time, DFFL News is delighted to announce that effective immediately this award has been re-named the Ashlie Lelie Award. Congratulations.
Rookie of the YearMarquis Colston (Orange Mac) a free agent pick up in week #3 produced the best rookie numbers. In his 5 DFFL starts Colston managed 34 fantasy points. Despite there being a nice crop of rookies, the majority of them - including Laurence Mulroney, Joseph Addai, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Maurice Jones-Drew and Reggie Bush did not appear in enough DFFL games as a starter to merit consideration. 
Late Round Steal - No winner - There was really no one selected after the 9th round who had any impact. Placekickers and Defenses are exempt. 
First Round Draft BricksTiki Barber (SchadenfreudeWeasels) & Edgerrin James (Forty Ounce Posse) will share this year's Terrell Davis Trophy.  The #9 selection in the draft, James has responded with 810 rushing yards and 3 TD's = good for 21 fantasy points. Barber, the 5th choice in the draft has rushed for over 1100 yards, but only 1 touchdown, resulting in only 31 fantasy points.  Honorable mention goes to #1 pick Shaun Alexander (Lambeau's Leap) 515 rushing yards 3 TD's = 29 pts. which includes missing 7 weeks in his injury shortened season.
Free Agent pick up of the Year - Marquis Colston (Orange Mac) See Rookie of the Year.
Waste of Space Award - Congratulations to Kevin Curtis and Brandon Jacobs (Flaming Liberals) who share this year's Chuck Evans Award, given annually to the player(s) who are drafted by a DFFL team, spend the entire year on the roster, but never make into the starting lineup.  
Blindfold Award - Philip Rivers (West Coast Gerbils) Given annually to the player who makes the most out of their single start. Rivers, filling in for starter Payton Manning came up with 334 yards, 2 TD's = 13 points in his week 6 appearance.
Award for the Most Awards Award - This award is given annually to the team(s) who appear most often in the "Bogus Move of the Week" column - This years winners are in no particular order Orange Mac, SchaedfreudeWeasels, and Flaming Liberals, each were named on 3 different occasions in the BMOTW column.  The Gamblers were runners-up with 2 nominations.  Forty Ounce Posse, West Coast Gerbils, F T C, Packers, Undead Peace Activists, and Lambeau's Leap each appeared once.