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The DIGIgraphics Fantasy Football League

2003 Award Winners
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The Annual DFFL Award Winners Presentation
Most Valuable Player  - Priest Holmes (Lambeau's Leap-Alien Nation) Holmes becomes the 2nd back-to-back league MVP, joining Warren Moon (1990-91) with 124 fantasy points, 1177 yards rushing and 17 TD's.  Finishing a close 2nd was RB Ahman Green Lambeau's Leap - 115 points, 1383 yards rushing 14 TD's.  Also receiving consideration was QB Payton Manning (Mean Machines). 
Least Valuable Player - Plaxico Burress (Mean Machines) Burress wins the Troy Drayton Award by producing these LVP numbers: 12 starts - 2 touchdowns, and a total of 16 fantasy points for the 35th selection in the draft.  Other players who were in contention were Tiki Barber (Axis of Weasel) (19 points in 10 DFFL starts) Eric Moulds of the Gamblers (15 points in 10 starts) and Burress' Mean Machine teammate Ashley Lelie (15 point in 9 starts)
Late Round StealSteve McNair the 121st selection by the Gamblers turned out to be golden in his 6 starts, producing 49 fantasy points, and 1 Governor's Cup playoff berth.  Todd Pinkston, Marc Boreigter and Joey Galloway were chosen just before McNair. 
First Round Draft Brick - Donovan McNabb (2 Wheeled Cycle Rats) - The hands down winner of the Terrell Davis Trophy  - 44 fantasy points in 12 starts, which may be acceptable if you're Drew Brees, but not for the 10th overall selection.  McNabb had an overall scoring total of (-1) thru the first 7 weeks of the season before coming out of his offensive coma.
Rookie of the Year - Anquan Boldin (Axis of Weasel) Wins this award by default as Boldin was the only rookie to receive any significant DFFL playing time, scoring 31 fantasy points in 9 starts 
Free Agent pick up of the Year - no winner - No player made enough of an impact to merit consideration for this award. 
Blindfold Award - Awarded annually to the player who makes the most of his single DFFL start.  No one really deserves this award, but we'll give it to T. J. Duckett (Lambeau's Leap) who scored 6 fantasy points in his single start during week #13
Waste of Space Award - The Chuck Evans Award is given out annually to the player(s) who are drafted, and spend the entire season on a DFFL roster but never start. This year's winner is Lamont Jordan (Lambeau's Leap) who was one of 8 different RB's on their roster this season, yet never found his way off the bench in 13 weeks.
Award for the Most Awards Award - Over the regular season DFFL News awarded 12 team's a Bogus Move of the Week. In the end 4 clubs tied for the most BMOTW's with 2 each -- They are the East Enders, Gamblers, Real Men Wear Purple & Embedded Gerbils.  Congratulations.