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2004 Award Winners
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DFFL Awards:
Most Valuable Player - Payton Manning (Mountain Magic) - The runaway choice for MVP put up these record-smashing numbers - 12 games, 3621 yards, 44 TD passes and 9 INT's, good for a league record 210 fantasy points - nearly 34% of the Magic's total output.  Runner up was Flaming Liberals QB Duante Culpepper--the 2001 league MVP has tailed off in recent weeks, but still has managed 30 TD passes, plus a few rushing TD's, good for 156 fantasy points. Off the Hook QB Donovan McNabb (the 2003 LVP) finished a close third with 152 points.
Least Valuable Player - Donte' Stallworth (Tree Hugging Gerbils) wins the Troy Drayton award with a slam-dunk performance in 2004 - 9 DFFL starts / 0 points.  Stallworth somehow managed to accumulate 3 TD's and 24 fantasy points in the 3 weeks he was on the Gerbils bench.....coincidence?
Late Round Steal  - Jerome Bettis (Mountain Magic) the 127th selection in the 2004 DFFL selection ordeal started in 11 games for the Magic, scored 8 TD's and was credited with 62 fantasy points. The 5 selections prior to Betties were The Dolphins "D", Justin Gage, Matt Stover, Antwaan Randle El and the Kansas City Defense, while Todd Heap, Donald Driver and David Terrell were chosen after the bus in the 13th round.
First Round Draft Brick - Duece McAllister (Off the Hook) wins the Terrell Davis Trophy.  Despite all the successes OTH had during their first season in the league, the selection of McAllister at #4 was not one of them. Their first round choice only made it into the Hook starting line-up 6 times this year, accumulating 31 fantasy points in the process, and 43 points overall.  Other notable selections include #10 selection Clinton Portis (Orange Mac-Artificial Intelligence) with 50 fantasy points in 12 weeks, #2 choice RB Ahman Green (Compassionate Fascists) who scored 60 points, and #5 pick WR Randy Moss (Axis of Weasel) who scored 58 points in an injury shortened season.
Rookie of the Year - No winner - no player appeared in enough games to qualify, or had enough of an impact. RB Julius Jones (Mean Machines) would have won hands down, had he been healthy.  
Free Agent Pick up of the Year - Off the Hook wins the award, the only question was for which player.  Rueben Droughns, Antonio Gates, Roy Williams and Mewedle Moore all merit consideration, but TE Antonio Gates wins the award by scoring 52 fantasy points in his 6 weeks (5 starts) on the Hook roster. Droughns finishes a distant second with 30 points in 8 weeks. 
Waste of Space Award - Garrison Hearst (Tree Hugging Gerbils) captures The Chuck Evans Award.  The 119th selection sat on the bench the entire season and watched as Priest Holmes, Kevan Barlow, William Green and Michael Bennet lifted the Gerbils to their 4-9 record.  Hearst managed to produce a total of 38 yards total offense (33 yards rushing, 5 yards receiving) on a  of total 12 touches in 2004.  Honorable mention goes to Liberals QB Gus Frerotte, who never saw the field (figuratively or literally) as the Flaming Liberals backup to Duante Culpepper.
Award for the most awards award - The award will be shared by the Flaming Liberals, Tree Hugging Gerbils, Off the Hook, and Artificial Intelligence, each of which were mentioned twice in the "Bogus move of the week" column during the season.