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The DIGIgraphics Fantasy Football League

1996 Award Winners
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Most Valuable Player: - Terry Allen (Phat Boyz) - Despite having 3 off weeks to finish the regular season, Allen still put up outrageous numbers - 16 touchdowns, good for 121 total fantasy points. And scoring in 10 of his first 11 weeks on the field.

Least Valuable Player: - Troy Drayton (Roncos) - Appearances: 12, fantasy points: 2….at least he’s consistent. Not even a mid-season trade from the lowly Rams to Miami could justify the Ronco’s faith in this clown…..although there was a rumor involving Drayton of a potential point scoring situation a few weeks back, as he was seen within 15 yards of opponent’s end zone…..

Steal of the Draft: - Mark Brunell (Gerbils) - The Gerbils "back up" QB ended up playing in 10 games and scoring 85 fantasy points. Not bad for the 83rd player selected in the draft.

First Round Draft Brick: - Chris Warren (The Artist Formerly known as Weasel) It seemed like a good idea at the time…the 6th player selected in the draft produced the following numbers – 13 games played 5 touchdowns = 41 fantasy points, plus a couple of games where he didn’t even suit up.

Rookie of the Year: - Karim Abdul-Jabbar (Hammerheads) The 77th selection of the draft produced 60 fantasy points and 9 touchdowns in only 9 starts.