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The 2009 DFFL Awards


Here are the results of the 2009 DFFL News award-winning award winners.


Most Valuable PlayerDrew Brees (Advice Lords) The 18th player selected in the 2009 draft was the top point producing player for the second consecutive season with 158 fantasy points, 29 TD's and 8 games with at least 11 points.  Runner up was Flaming Liberal QB Payton Manning who ended up with 137 fantasy points in his 12 starts.  Brees becomes the third player in league history to repeat as MVP, joining Warren Moon (1990-91) and Preist Holmes (2002-03) as the only multiple winners of this award.



Least Valuable Player -  Much like Patrick Reusse’s annual Turkey of the Year award, the number of candidates for this season’s Ashley Lelie award filled the front row at the presentation ceremony.

Candidates for 2009 included Devin Hester (Gamblers) 15 points in 10 fantasy starts, T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Mean Machines) 11 points in 8 starts Antonio Gates (Cheeseheads from Hell) & Michael Crabtree (Grizzled Gerbils) both with 7 points from 6 starts and Fred Jackson (Flaming Liberals) (4 points in 6 starts).

But in the end we decided to go local and award this year’s prize to Gambler WR Greg Lewis. Picked up after “the catch” in week #4, Lewis responded by making 5 DFFL starts and seeing the ball a total of 4 times - good for 18 yards, 0 TD’s and of course 0 fantasy points.



Rookie of the Year I guess someone has to win the R.O.Y. so we’ll give it to RB Knowshown Moreno (Mean Machines) as the highest scorer (25 points in 7 starts) from what was a very thin rookie crop, barely edging out Mountain Magic WR Hakeem Nicks (22 points in 6 starts)



Late Round Steal(s) – Ricky Williams (Grizzled Gerbils) and Sidney Rice (Wall of Weasel) Selected back-to-back in the 13th round, the 148th and 149th players chosen were two of the few bright spots in the normally dismal back half of the draft. The other players taken around them in round 13 were Justin Gage, Chris Chambers, Shonn Green, Chris Cooley, Pierre Garcon, Mushin Muhammad, Kyle Orton, Troy Williamson, Josh Morgan and the Cowboys Defense

Note: The Mean Machines selection of Steve Smith late in round 14 did not qualify, since Smith was released, then re-acquired a week later.


First Round Draft Bricks – LaDanian Tomlinson (Mountain Magic) / Brian Westbrook (Gamblers ) / Brandon Jacobs (Lambeau’s Leap) While the 2009 top picks had a better rate of return than in recent season’s, these 3 helped lower the curve. #10 selection Westbrook picked up 6 fantasy points in 3 starts,  #12 choice Jacobs scored 33 in 12 his starts, while LT, the #9 pick came up with 34 points in 8 starts – 17 of those in the last 2 weeks - hardly 1st round worthy numbers


Free Agent pick up of the Year – Miles Austin (Cheeseheads from Hell/Cosa Nostra) picked by the Cheeseheads the week after this breakout game in week #5, Austin remained an every week starter throughout the balance of the year accumulating 48 fantasy points during his 7 starts.  Runners Up were Owen Daniels (Lambeau’s Leap) 34 points-7 starts and Vernon Davis  (33 points in 6 appearances)



Waste of Space Award – Congratulation to Donald Brown (Mean Machines) and Mushin Muhammad (Flaming Liberals) both will share this year's Chuck Evans Award, given annually to the player(s) who are drafted by a DFFL team, spend the entire year on the roster, but never make it into the starting lineup.  


Blindfold Award – Mark Sanchez (Cheeseheads from Hell) wins this year's award -  given annually to the player who makes the most out of their single start. In his lone apperence in week #8 Sanchez put up 17 fantasy points with 265 yards passing, 2 TD’s and a rushing TD.

Runners up were Kyle Orton (Mountain Magic) and Jason Snelling (Lambeau’s Leap) who both put up 12 fantasy points in the single appearance.


Award for the Most Awards Award - This award is given annually to the team(s) who appear most often in the "Bogus Move of the Week" column – The Gamblers win this year’s prize by being mentioned 4 times in 2009, followed by the Grizzled Gerbils with 3 mentions.  The Cheeseheads from Hell, Flaming Liberals, F T C and Threat Level Orange each appeared twice. Cosa Nostra, Advice Lords, Wall of Weasel, Mean Machines, and Lambeau’s Leap each showed up once, which means only Mountain Magic failed to be Bogus at any time in 2009.





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