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During a Governor's Cup semi-final playoff game the weekend of December 18 - 20th 2004, Troy Erhman's Orange Mac squad obliterated the league record for most points scored in a single game.
Here are the details...
Game Summaries    
Orange Mac 128, Lambeau's Leap 27 -  If there is such a thing as a perfect game in fantasy football, Orange Mac (7-8) just attained it. It took nearly 15 years, 1031 regular season games, and 60 playoff games for any DFFL team to even reach 90 points in a single game, Orange Mac not only beat that, but smashed the unheard of 100 point mark with plenty to spare.  The 101 point margin of victory nearly doubled the league record of 55 set in 2003 by the Gamblers over Real Men Wear Purple.
Orange Mac proceeded to win the Governor's Cup the following week.
Here's the by position breakdown of how they did it.
QB    - 4 TD's passing, 1 rushing TD, 492 passing yards = 30 points
RB's -  56 attempts - 262 yards rushing - 4 TD's = 32 points
WR's - 25 receptions, 366 yards - 6 TD's = 45 points
 K     -   1 Field Goal, 2 extra points = 5 points
Def   -  2 INT's, 2 fumble recoveries. 1 Blocked punt recovery for TD, 1 INT for TD = 16 points    
Below is the box score from their record-setting week.