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2005 Award Winners

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Most Valuable Player - Shaun Alexander (Lambeau's Leap)  The 3rd pick in the 2005 DFFL selection ordeal was the worthy selection with these numbers:  In his 12 starts Alexander amassed a total of 166 fantasy points on 1388 yards rushing, and 22 touchdowns.  Alexander scored points in 10 of his starts and scored at least 10 points on 8 occasions, and had games of 24, 28 & 28 points during the season, as he accounted for 28.9% of the Leap offense.  Runner up was LaDanian Tomlinson (Flaming Liberals)  Tomlinson put up numbers deserving of a #1 pick with 153 fantasy points on 1172 yards rushing and 19 TD's, plus morec 3 passing TD's. Tomlinson scored points in 11 of his 12 starts, scored in double figures 6 times and had weeks where he scored 29, 27 & 26 points.  L.T. was 28.3% of the Libs scoring.
Least Valuable PlayerAshley Lelie (Mean Machines) In one of the closest votes in league history Ashley Lelie finally wins the Troy Drayton Award by putting up these numbers:  In his 9 starts for Mean Machines after being selected 50th overall, Lelie lit it up for a grand total of 3 fantasy points, and zero touchdowns.  While there was an actual Lelie sighting in the end zone this year, his single TD was scored while on the Mean Machine bench. Lelie was also a finalist for the 2003 LVP award. 
Finishing a close second was F T C wide receiver Nate Burleson, the 34th pick, who despite being injured most of the season managed to keep his job as a starter for F T C, and responded by scoring 6 fantasy points in his 11 weeks as a starter.  Also receiving consideration was Mountain Magic WR Joe Horn - the 30th selection on draft day, he repaid the Magic by scoring 9 fantasy points in 6 starts for the team.
Rookie of the Year - Ronnie Brown (Mountain Magic) Brown was the best of a thin crop of rookies this year with 4 TD's and 36 fantasy points out of his 12 starts.  Carnell Williams (HefeWeasels) was the only other player to merit consideration.
Late Round Steal - Stephen Davis (Artifical Intelligence) Selected 153rd overall, Davis came up with 37 fantasy points and 6 TD's in 7 starts.   Brian Griese, Najeh Davenport, Brandon Jacobs, Marcel Shipp, The Vikings D, Chiefs D, Eagles D, and J.P. Losman were the selections that came before Davis in round 13, while Jim Kleinsasser, Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Boller finished out the round. 
First Round Draft Bricks - Duante Culpepper (Mountain Magic) & Jamal Lewis (Xtreme Gerbils) will share this year's Terrell Davis Trophy.  As the #6 pick overall in the draft, Culpepper responded with 27 fantasy points and 12 INT's before his season ending injury in week 8.  As the #7 selection Lewis was equally absurd with 638 rushing yards, 3 TD's and 5 fumbles - good for a grand total of 18 points.  
In fact, the entire 2nd half of the first round was in contention for this years prize, as evidenced by these numbers:
#  8 pick Domanick Davis - 42 points
#  9 pick Corey Dillon - 50 points
#10 pick Randy Moss - 43 points
#11 pick Willis McGahee - 41 points
#12 pick Duece McAllister - 22 points before being injured in week #5
Free Agent pick up of the Year - Joey Galloway (1-800-I-quit) picked up for $1.00 prior to week #4, Galloway turned in 45 fantasy points in 8 starts between 1-800 and the HefeWeasels.
Waste of Space Award - Congratulations to Cedric Benson (Gamblers) and Duce Staley (Mean Machines) who share this year's Chuck Evans Award, given annually to the player(s) who are drafted by a DFFL team, spend the entire year on the roster, but never make into the starting lineup.  
Blindfold Award - This award is presented annually to the player who makes the most of his single start -QB Gus Ferret (Xtreme Gerbils) who was able to find the field after sitting on the Gerbils bench all season to produce 360 yards passing on 25 of 47 attempts, 2 TD's 1 INT = 13 points in week #10.
Award for the Most Awards Award - This award is given annually to the team(s) who appear most often in the "Bogus move of the week" column - This years winner is F T C who received mention for BMOTW 5 times, edging the HefeWeasels - with their 4 bogus moves.  Lambeau's Leap, Artifical Intelligence, Orange Mac showed up twice, while Mountain Magic, Xtreme Gerbils, Gamblers and Fatal Mutation each appeared once.